The Customer Agrees To Be Bound By The Terms And Conditions Of The Referral Reward Program As Mentioned Below:


  • “Referrer” shall mean either of (i) an existing eligible customer having booked a unit in a K Raheja Corp. project, and has entered into a registered Agreement to Sell; or (ii) employee of K Raheja Corp.; or (iii) a visit done not booked person/client (VDNB); or (iv) influencers; and wishes to introduce/refer another person(s) to book a unit in any of the eligible registered real estate project/s to be developed by K Raheja Corp. or any of its sister concerns/subsidiaries/affiliates (“K Raheja Corp. Project/s”). ‘Referred’ shall mean the eligible person introduced/referred to by the Referrer and who intends to book one or more units in any of the eligible registered real estate K Raheja Corp Project/s and registers an agreement for sale for such unit(s).

  • Referrer participation in the Referral Reward Program shall be subject to his/her/them producing a copy of a valid and subsisting registered Agreement to Sell executed in his/her/their favor by K Raheja Corp.
  • Referrer shall not be able to refer existing customer(s) of K Raheja Corp. Referrer shall not be able to refer customer(s) who has/have in the last three months: (i) either made enquires (in any form, whether by way of site visit or otherwise with K Raheja Corp or (ii) is/are already registered with K Raheja Corp. as a ‘Direct/Walk-in Customer’ or (iii) has/have come through any of the K Raheja Corp’s Channel Partner or any other source. Assigning Referral Reward and determining eligibility as to who qualifies as ‘Referrer’ and ‘Referred’ will be at sole discretion of Reloy and the same shall not be challenged/contested by the Referrer and/or the Referred at any point of time.
  • In the event that a referral is submitted twice from different Referrers, then the first referral received will be eligible for the Reward (subject to other applicable terms herein) and shall not be disputed by the other Referrers.
  • Referrals are not valid where the Referrer and the Referred party are one and the same person.
  • Referrals will be valid for three months from the date a person/party is ‘Referred’ unless such person/party has paid any booking amount to K Raheja Corp within the said period of three months.
  • By accepting our terms and conditions, both Referrer and Referred represent that they have the authority to disclose the name and details of the person or business to K Raheja Corp.
  • Subject to the terms mentioned herein, the reward will be paid to the Referrer within 90 (ninety) days from the date of registration of the agreement for sale by the Referred party. The reward will be in the form of gift vouchers/cards having value and a validity period with applicable terms and conditions.
  • This Referral Reward Program cannot be clubbed with any other offer /scheme, whether run by K Raheja Corp. or otherwise.
  • Customers who are employees of working either in marketing, sales or CRM departments/team and employees of Reloy will not be eligible for participating in this Referral Reward Program and accordingly shall not be entitled for any reward.
  • Reloy will not be liable for any unforeseen delay/deficiency/defect in any product or services disbursed as rewards by it or on account of any dispute relating to right to utilize the product or services subsequent to disbursement of the same.
  • The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time. Reloy will intimate the same to the Referrer. This program may be terminated at the discretion of Reloy.
  • All disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai courts.
    By referring the customer has provided the consent to receive messages, emails and any other form of communication from Reloy and/or K Raheja Corp., for the purposes of the programs and offers on the Reloy App. The customer agrees to the terms and conditions on and privacy policy on laid out by Loyalie IT-Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    In the event the customer wishes to withdraw their consent, they may send an email with the subject “Cancel Reloy Registration’ on the following email id Please note that upon consent being withdrawn, the customer’s Reloy account will be deleted.

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Disclaimer: Reloy is run by Loyalie IT-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This referral program is run by Loyalie IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and the referral payout will be processed by them. Loyalie IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is registered as a Real Estate Agent under RERA in Maharashtra MAHARERA NO - A51900010267 | Haryana RERA No. - HRERA-PKL-REA-239-2020 | Tamil Nadu RERA NO - TN/Agent/0178/2017 | Karnataka RERA NO-PRM/KA/RERA/1251/309/AG/180524/000935 | West Bengal RERA NO – HIRA/A/KOL/2019/000350 | Uttar Pradesh RERA NO – UPRERAAGT22593 | Gujarat RERA No: AG/GJ/AHMEDABAD/AHMEDABAD CITY/AUDA/AA01891/090327R1 | Delhi RERA Application Reference No: 22-3754-2891 | Goa RERA NO – AGGO02210817 | Telangana RERA NO – A02500001321 | | | | | | | | | |

Raheja Viva: Plot No.B-01 to B-21, Plot No. 7, Plot No. 8 and Plot No. 10 (“Real Estate Project”) are parts of and separate phases of development of Viva and are being constructed by Promoter / Developer, Pact Real Estate Private Limited (a ‘K. Raheja Corp Group’ Co.), registered via MahaRERA registration number P52100001800, P52100002681, P52100002113 and P52100002702 respectively and are available on the website under registered projects.

Raheja Vistas: Tower D, Tower E and Tower F (“Real Estate Project”) is part of and a separate phase of development of “Raheja Vistas”, being constructed by Promoter/Developer, Paradigm Logistics & Distribution Private Limited (a ‘K. Raheja Corp Group’ Co), registered via TSRERA registration number P02200000021 and is available on the website under registered projects.

Raheja Reserve: T8 named Luxuriant (Phase 2 of ‘Raheja Reserve’ comprising of Building Nos. T7, T8, T9 & T10) in RV Premiere (“Real Estate Project”) has been registered with MahaRERA bearing Registration No: P52100024187 and is available on the website under registered projects. The first phase of the project bei ng Tower 9 and 10 were already registered with MahaRERA bearing Registration No. P52100021356.

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